March 24, 2014

WellnessMats Review and Giveaway

WellnessMat FitnessMat
Awhile ago, I had the opportunity to review a mat for my kitchen which I had never had before. It made standing in the kitchen so much more comfortable and I still love it. I was recently contacted by WellnessMats to try one of their fitness mats. It is thick like one of the mats in your kitchen but looks more like a yoga mat.

I had never heard of one of these for fitness before so I was very interested. Some of my favorite exercises to do on a mat are planks, side planks and a few weight lifting exercises. I put my fitness mat in the basement to try out next to my treadmill.

WellnessMat FitnessMat
I have been using the mat to do my workouts and I have to say, it is so much more comfortable than on a yoga mat. This mat is 5/8” thick. My basement floor is tile so it is very hard and cold. This mat makes it a lot easier for me to exercise without having a painful back while lying on my back for weights or hands while doing my planks.

The only think that I would change about this mat is that it is not quite long enough for my preference. It is 4’ long. I would recommend it being the length of a yoga mat. Also, I think that it would be nice to come in more fun colors. While brown goes nicely with everything, pink, blue or purple would be more fun for working out.

This mat retails for $149. They also have a 6’ mat too which I think would be better if you do exercises that you need to lay down for.

The giveaway will be for a 4’WellnessMat FitnessMat (a $149 value).
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  2. I would do yoga on my fitness mat.
    heymissvirginia at embarqmail dot com

  3. I would do stretching exercise and leg lifts.

    sflickinger at rocketmail dot com

  4. I would do planks, and lots of yoga and ab exercises


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