March 03, 2014

Mom's Gourmet Review

Mom's Gourmet Spices
Typically, I can be pretty picky with different spices. I’m not a fan of thyme, rosemary, cilantro, ginger, etc. I recently found the company Mom’s Gourmet and looked at the different ingredients in their spice mixes. They sounded really good so I wanted to try them.

Mom’s Gourmet spice mixes are gluten-free, no sodium or low sodium and contain no MSG. The spices all have fun names such as Far Out Feather Dust and Red Dog Rub. On each bottle, they recommend the foods that each spice mix would go best with.

The first mix that I tried was the Wow-A-Chihuahua which is a mix of garlic, paprika, cayenne, chili powder, cilantro, parsley and cumin. My husband and I added a bunch of this to ground venison for tacos and loved it. It is a no salt added taco seasoning substitute. It gave the food a ton of flavor. We also tried this on grilled chicken for a big salad and liked it on there as well.

Next, we tried the Gallopin’ Gourmet Shake which has herbs, peppercorns, garlic, onion, etc. This has no added salt or sugar. I cooked up some breakfast potatoes and really liked this spice mix on it. It made it taste really fresh.

Broiled salmonFinally, the last mix that I tried was my favorite. The Jammin Salmon Rub is awesome! My husband and I heavily covered our salmon in this rub and broiled it for about 8-10 minutes. The rub formed a crust on the salmon which was awesome since it almost gave it a breaded feel. The mix includes lemon pepper, garlic, savory, parsley, fennel, Ancho chili, coriander, cayenne pepper, minced onion and smoked paprika. It was so delicious and we are going to make the same recipe again this weekend. This mix is low sodium with 25 mg of sodium per ¼ tsp. One teaspoon has 100 mg of sodium.

I absolutely loved trying these Mom’s Gourmet spice mixes. They caused me to branch out from my typical spices that I use in the kitchen and I really enjoyed it. Now, I have a fun variety of spices to add to my food.

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