March 01, 2014

Protokolo Swimwear Review

Protokolo Swimsuit
I don’t think that I have mentioned it here on the blog before but my husband and I are going to Mexico in April!! I am so excited. We have not been on a vacation for 5 years since our honeymoon. I cannot wait to eat lots of great food, relax and enjoy the warm weather. I was recently sent a few swimsuits from Protokolo to review. I cannot wait to wear these on my trip.

Protokolo has very unique, bright and colorful patterns. They are like nothing you have seen before. I enjoyed looking through their catalog of swimsuits and cover-ups that they had to offer.

Protokolo Swimsuit
For my review, I chose the Agatha, Kalua and Escarlata swimsuits to try out. All of these swimsuits seem to be made well. This is my first trikini where the top is attached to bottom. I thought that the design was very pretty and wanted to try it out.

Most of the swimsuits from Protokolo retail from about $60-$136 depending on the style. What I really love about these is that the bright patterns are so unique and different from what you can find in stores.
 Protokolo Swimsuit
One of the swimsuits has beading hanging from it which is really fun for our upcoming vacation. My husband thought that the beading was neat too.

For lots of fun summer swimsuit options, check out Protokolo.

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  1. Those are all super gorgeous!! I really love the uniqueness of the shapes and, of course, the vivid colors :) I'm definitely jealous you guys get to go on vacation. To somewhere WARM! Lol


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