April 19, 2014

Ethel's Edibles Review + Email Subscribers News

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Ethel's Edibles
Ethel's Edibles is a local Michigan company that makes gluten-free baked goods. In fact, they are located only 15 minutes away from me. Until now, I had never tried their products and am so glad that I got to. Every single item that I tried is delicious.

Ethel's EdiblesMy favorite by far is the pecan dandy bar. It is so rich and has a nice mix of buttery, sweet, salty and crunchy. My husband and I love this bar. Our other favorite is the hot blondies which have a layer of caramel topped with a brown sugar brownie with chocolate chips. These desserts are super rich and satisfying.

Ethel's Edibles
We both agreed that you could not tell that any of these were gluten-free for those on a gluten-free diet.  The fudge brownies were also delicious as is the new "samoa" like bar which is being named at this time. My mom and I split the "samoa" bar after going out for Thai food and really liked it.

Although these treats are not healthy, I love to indulge at times and would definitely stop by Ethel's Edibles for a treat in the future.

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