May 31, 2014

Angelcare Video and Sound Monitor Review

Angelcare AC1120 Video and Sound Monitor
With a baby on the way, there have been so many different products to research. In the beginning of my search, I was totally overwhelmed. I did not know which products were good, which I really needed, etc. I read TONS of different blog reviews and recommendations on Amazon and asked other moms. I think that I have a pretty good registry going now which has most of the items we will need.

One brand that I remember reading good things about is Angelcare. They are a company that makes different baby monitors. For my review, I was sent the AC1120 video and sound monitor to review. Even though our baby won't be here for awhile yet, my husband and I tested out this video monitor ourselves to make sure that we liked it and it worked well for once the baby is here. We ended up really liking the monitor and all of the features that it has.

Angelcare AC1120 Video and Sound Monitor

Here are some of our favorite features of the Angelcare Video and Sound Monitor:

  • It has a LCD touch screen where from out of the room, you can zoom in on the baby's face to make sure that they are doing well- so cool!!!
  • The video is in color which is nice.
  • It has a 2 way talk back feature. This means that I will be able to hear the baby from around the house but also I will be able to talk to the baby. I can imagine that this will be really nice for if the baby is fussing a bit but does not really need to get up yet. I will be able to talk to her and hopefully calm her down at times without coming in and fully waking her up.
  • It has both day and night vision. My husband and I tried this out by me being in a dark room and he was still able to see me on the monitor. This is great since baby will of course be sleeping in the dark most of the time. 
  • The parent unit is portable and rechargeable. This is great so I am not just going through batteries like crazy. Also, I will be able to take the monitor all over the house while still being able to check in and see how the baby is doing.
  • Temperature display- Shows how hot/cold the room is to make sure that it is an okay temperature.
Angelcare AC1120 Video and Sound MonitorAngelcare AC1120 Video and Sound Monitor
My husband and I are very happy with this Angelcare baby monitor and we can't wait to use it when our little one gets here!

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