May 13, 2014

Baby Products Review and Chewbeads Giveaway

1. Chewbeads- Chewbeads is a necklace that mama wears that can be used for baby for teething. I love the color of this pretty necklace. The beads are chewy and will be great for when baby is teething. The idea was started after the owner's son was born and he loved to chew her necklaces. The necklaces were created for a safe option for your baby/toddler to chew on. They are made of 100% silicone with no BPA, lead, metal, cadmium or phthalates. They are dishwasher safe too which is really nice to be able to wash when you need to. There are many different styles of necklaces to choose from and different colors. Most retail for about $30-40.

2. Babyganics- Babyganics is a line of baby safe products. They do not use toxic or harmful products that can be dangerous to baby. For my review, I was sent some diapers, diaper rash cream and soothing protective ointment. The diapers are chlorine free, soft and made with natural and renewable resources. I think that these will be very helpful for when baby is young and may be more sensitive to different materials and chemicals. The diaper rash cream is made with plant based ingredients and contains no parabens, phthalates, petroleum, fragrances or dyes. I actually saw these products at Target and they are fairly affordable for safe, chemical free products.

3. Geleeo Stroller Cooling Pad- This new product is made to cool down your baby on a hot day so that they do not overheat in their stroller. It does not need to be refrigerated and uses hydrogel to keep the pad cooler than the environment it is in. It is can used repeatedly. I think that this will be helpful for next summer to keep baby cool. It is not yet available for purchase but will be this summer.

The giveaway will be for a Chewbeads Jane necklace in your choice of color.

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  2. wow! Chewbeads! My baby is in the beginning stages of teething and something like this is perfect!

  3. Chewbeads are seriously awesome! I own the waverly necklace and my daughter is absolutely in love with it. We put it on daddy when mommy has to go out and run errands! Would love another set of chewbeads to match different outfits!

  4. My favorite is the black Essex Necklace.


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