May 05, 2014

Food & Kitchen Review and Giveaway

Kyocera Ceramic Utility Knife1. Kyocera Ceramic Utility Knife- I love ceramic knives! I only had one up to this point and love how sharp they are. I was sent this ceramic knife from Kyocera and have been using it for everything. It slices through a green pepper like butter. It takes so much of the physical work out of slicing because it makes it so easy. It also retains its sharpness for 10 to 15 times longer than steel blades. I always say that the most important kitchen tool is good knives and this one is great.

Perky Jerky
2. Perky Jerky- My husband first reviewed Perky Jerky a few years ago and really liked it. It includes guarana for added energy. Jerky is a good snack because it is high in protein, low in calories and does not have too many ingredients added. It is pretty high in sodium though so watch serving sizes. It comes in beef and turkey varieties. Flavors include original turkey, ultra premium beef and hot & bothered turkey jerky. I have these packed for our upcoming plane ride for protein and a healthier, filling snack for my husband. This jerky is chewy but not too tough and is tasty.

Peanut Butter Bliss
3. Peanut Butter Bliss- You know I am a huge fan of peanut butter and other nut butters. In fact, I try to sample every single brand that I can. This nut butter is different than others in that it is pretty grainy and not smooth or smooth with chunks like other nut butters. I liked trying this different texture. They have an original flavor as well as cinnamon chia and chia seed peanut butter. My favorite is the cinnamon chia Peanut Butter Bliss which is very tasty. These nut butters are sweeter than most so you may want to skip the jelly or honey.

Ocean Naturals Tuna
4. Ocean Naturals Tuna- I have always been a fan of tuna. In fact, one of my fondest childhood memories is going over to my Busia's house (grandma in Polish) and having tuna salad for lunch. We were able to request what we wanted to eat often and loved having tuna. I like tuna because it is high in protein, fairly low in calories, is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and tastes great. This variety is tasty and I love making my Healthified Tuna Salad with it which is a healthier take on traditional tuna salad. This tuna is responsibly caught and good quality. I also love eating this tuna with chopped celery, parsley, onion, vinegar and pickles.

The giveaway will be for 6 cans of Ocean Naturals tuna to 2 winners.

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  1. My favorite way to eat tuna, is in tuna salad sandwich. Yummy.

  2. I love tuna salad sandwiches. A little sweet relish, some chopped boiled eggs & mayo/mustard mixed in with tuna is enough for me.

  3. I like to mix it with a little mayo and eat it on whole wheat toast. Simple but perfect.

    (Tute-Bot = Christine)

  4. I like a tuna and egg salad on toast.

  5. I eat tuna sandwiches on whole wheat bread.

  6. I like eating Tuna on crackers

  7. My favorite is to eat a Tuna melt.


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