May 02, 2014

Yoomi Self-Heating Bottle Review

Yoomi Bottle
Yoomi is the first self-heating baby bottle. It warms to the perfect temperature in 60 seconds. You can take it anywhere and do not have to worry about finding a microwave or if you formula feed, asking for hot water.

It will not overheat and protects the nutrients in breast milk and formula. It can recharge up to 150 times without any plugs and batteries and holds the charge until you use it. This seems so convenient! I cannot wait to try it. The bottle is BPA free and is good for babies with colic.

Yoomi Feeding System
All you have to do is make sure the warmer is charged, push the button to heat and wait 60 seconds. I would think that this would be very beneficial for nighttime feedings so that you don't have to go down to the kitchen to heat a bottle as well.

The Yoomi system is available on Amazon for about $38.00.

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