June 16, 2014

Door to Door Organics Review and Giveaway

Door to Door Organics
I am so excited to bring you this amazing giveaway today! Door to Door Organics is a company that delivers fresh, organic produce right to your door. They have different sized packages based on how much vegetables and fruits you eat and how big your family is. I was provided a gift certificate to try out Door to Door Organics and had an amazing time trying out their services.

I chose the small mixed box which is the second size up from the smallest. It comes with both fruits and vegetables. You have the option of choosing for the box to be delivered weekly or every other week. My favorite part about this service is that you can make a list of the produce that you do not like so that you do not receive those items.

The Friday before you receive your delivery, you get an email stating what you are going to get in your box that week. You can customize up to 5 items. I liked everything that the email stated that I would get but still switched up the items in my box to try some new items. For example, I was able to try black radishes for the first time as well as lacinato kale and rainbow carrots. I was so excited to try these new-to-be kinds of produce.

Door to Door Organics

This is what I received in my Door to Door Organics small mixed box:
(1) bunch Rainbow Carrots 
(2) Red Tomato 
(1) Red Leaf Lettuce 
(1) 0.5 lb Black Radishes (Local) 
(1) bunch Lacinato Kale 
(1) Cucumber 
(1) 1 lb Carrots 1LB 
(2) Peaches 
(2) Yellow Nectarines 
(1) bunch Red Chard 
(2) Flavorosa Pluots, small 
(3) Granny Smith Apples 
(4) Flavorosa Pluots, small 

Door to Door Organics
The box costs $33.99 per shipment of this size. For all organic produce, I did not think that this was a bad price at all. In fact, I thought it was quite a good deal. 

Everything that I was sent was so fresh and perfect. There was no issues such as bruising or wilting. I was so thrilled to get this delivery of produce.

Door to Door Organics
FYI, I loved the lacinato kale! The black radishes were huge! I thought that they were going to be the size of a red radish but they are the size of a turnip. They have a milder, slightly sweet flavor compared to a red radish.

Door to Door Organics does not just sell produce. They sell other healthy and organic products such as meat, cheese, hummus, nut butters and all types of grocery items. Along with my produce shipment, I chose a tub of Oasis red pepper hummus which was really good.

As you can tell, I was very impressed by Door to Door Organics. I have some friends that eat all organic and I am recommending this company to them.

The giveaway will be for a $50 gift certificate to Door to Door Organics for one reader.
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  1. I would get the 7" Santoku knife.I hope that's how you spell it. Lol
    but I really like this door to door organic.

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  3. I like oranges and watermelons

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  5. My favorite is fresh tomatoes right from the garden. I eat them like apples.

  6. All of it looks really yummy! I don't even have a fave. I love fresh produce!


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