June 17, 2014

Welcoming Baby Review and Giveaway

Baby Anti Monkey Butt
1. Baby Anti Monkey Butt- I was sent the diaper rash powder and diaper rash cream from the Anti Monkey Butt company (great name!). The powder is made of cornstarch and calamine and helps treat and prevent diaper rash. It is talc free. The diaper rash cream is made of calamine and Peruvian balsam to clear up rashes and keep out wetness. It now comes scented but a new fragrance-free formula is coming out soon. I have this ready to go by our changing table for when baby comes.

Wee Nurture Milkmade Nursing CoverWee Nurture Milkmade Nursing Cover
 2. Wee Nurture Milkmade Nursing Cover- This nursing cover is very small and portable compared to other covers. It would be good for the summer when you don't want a lot of material. The downside is that you have more of a risk for having your breast exposed in public. The cover goes over your shoulder and the pouch should be in front of your breast. There is a hole underneath to make nursing easy through the hole. This comes in a few fun colors and patterns.

Bambino Land Swaddling Blanket and Crib sheet
3. Bambino Land Crib Sheet and Swaddling Blanket- I was sent the Bambino Land crib sheet to review which is a very soft, muslin crib sheet made of 100% organic cotton. It is finely woven but it durable. It gives a waffle look when washed and gets softer with each washing. I was sent the jungle teal and lime color which is really nice. I was also sent a swaddling blanket which I have heard from other moms is very versatile. These are well made and come in many cute colors and patterns. 

Bambino Land Jungle Animals Teal & Lime - 2 pack, organic muslin swaddling blankets

The giveaway will be for 2 Wee Nurture Milkmades mustard stripe nursing covers and for a Bambino Land Swaddling Blanket.

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  3. I think that the swaddle is a life saver...esp in the middle of the night :)

  4. I swear by the Boppy nursing pillow. Baby #2 is on the way and I got a second one so I can keep one upstairs and one downstairs.

  5. Boppy pillow and magic swaddler blankies are the ones i loved for my kids

  6. Baby Carrier! Love being able to snuggle baby and have hands free.

  7. Having a baby carrier was a must for me. I lived in a second floor apartment with no elevator and had to go downstairs to do laundry. The stroller was another life saver. I walked to the grocery store a lot and would use the stroller for holding all the bags.

  8. My sister in law swears by her Boppy nursing pillow. when me and my wife decides to have kids she said she'd buy us 2 haha.

  9. Baby bouncers are really awesome to have. They are really helpful and soothing for the baby.

  10. Baby carriers!! They are handy to have to to keep your hands free to do a few other things and for shopping!!


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