June 18, 2014

iCoffee Steambrew Coffee Maker Review

Coffee is a daily must-have in my household. Even during my pregnancy, I have one cup of coffee per day. My husband is so obsessed with coffee that he even has a coffee song (I'm not kidding!). We were recently sent the iCoffee by Remington to try out and review.

The iCoffee uses steambrew technology which is different than any other type of coffee machine. The coffee is first pre-steamed to apply moisture and heat evenly. This helps to open up and release the non-bitter and non-acidic flavors of the coffee. It also has hot water rotational jets to further steam the coffee.

As you can see in the picture above, it has a brew-viewing window where you can watch the steambrew process happening. 

What did we think of it: Troy and I really like this coffee machine. It takes longer than other machines to brew (from my experience) but is worth the tasty flavor. Using the same amount of coffee as normal made a stronger tasting cup of coffee. Since I like my coffee weaker, I adjusted this and was able to use less coffee grounds for the same flavor which helps to save money. 

To me, it does taste less bitter and acidic than some coffees. The benefit to this is for people who have GERD (acid reflux). They are not supposed to have coffee because of the acid. This product seems a lot less acidic and could be less harmful for those with GERD. As a pregnant woman, I have been getting some acidic feelings in my throat and drinking coffee from the iCoffee seems to go down much better. 

Also, this coffee machine is beneficial for those who do not like coffee to be bitter. I would recommend that people who do not like coffee to much to try this machine as they may like that it makes a less bitter cup. I am one of these people who do not like bitter coffee so I have been enjoying the iCoffee.

Other features include that it is programmable. I have never had a coffee maker that could be programmed so we have really enjoyed this feature. It is so great to set it the night before and to have the coffee ready to go in the morning with no additional steps needs. Also, it has an automatic shut-off in case you forget to shut it off before leaving the house.

This iCoffee machine can be purchased on Amazon.com for $144.99. It is also sold at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Bloomingdales, Dillards and more.

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  1. I have been keeping my eye on this and have it on my Christmas list. We love, Love, LOVE coffee here (even the teen drinks milk flavored coffee) but I know coffee can taste better. I can't tell you how many coffee machines we have gone through trying to find the best flavor of coffee.


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