July 02, 2014

2nd Trimester Pregnancy Recap

I am now 1 week into my third trimester and due in 11 weeks!!! I wanted to do a pregnancy update and fill you in with how the 2nd trimester was for me and to remember some of these details myself for the future.
28 weeks

-Overall, I've felt awesome this 2nd trimester! I've had energy and could go on doing most things as normal which kind of surprised me.

-Sleeping got less comfortable and I am so thankful for my pregnancy pillow which helps me get comfortable at night. I am still up by 5:30-6 AM everyday but I am okay with that.

-From weeks 26-27, I was waking up in the night with really bad calf cramps. I would stretch out my toes away from me to "help" but I read that that makes it so much worse! You are actually supposed to pull your foot up toward your calf, not down. I actually strained a muscle doing this!

-I definitely have "pregnancy brain". I can be so spacey at time. I have worn 2 different shoes to work on two different occasions. I forgot my wallet at work and thought I lost it (and almost cancelled my credit cards). I forget to do little things that I say I'm going to do. It's horrible- but funny at the same time!

-Lots of lower back pain- I notice this during work mostly. Sitting and standing seem to make it equally as bad. My husband just told me to bring a small pillow to work and put in on my lower back for lumbar support- it is helping a lot!

We took some maternity pictures this weekend (28 weeks)!

-Around 20-21 weeks, I was having sharp pains in my stomach. I went to the doctor because of it and the doctor said that it is just growing pains. Luckily these resolved because they hurt a lot!

-A lot of times (starting at about week 25), I feel a lot of pressure in my stomach/uterus. It is not painful but is very uncomfortable.

-Braxton hicks contractions have gotten a lot more noticable starting in week 27.

-I had some acne at the beginning of this trimester but it has gotten a lot better.

-I get up 1x/night every night to pee but it has gotten a lot better than the first trimester.

-No more nausea. I was very lucky not to have any heartburn so far. No food aversions.

-Weight gain- My doctors say that I am doing very well with weight gain. At 28 weeks, I was up 17-18 lbs.

-Belly button popped out at week 19 in Mexico- I can't believe how far out it is!

Favorite Pregnancy Products: 
-Mustela Stretch Marks Care Oil and Summer Sky Momma Belly Oil- I rub one of these two products on my belly every night. Partially because my skin is dry but also to help prevent stretch marks (knock on the wood, I still have none!).

-Leachco Pregnancy Body Pillow- This pillow helps me get comfortable every night.

-Rainbow Light prenatal vitamins- I have tried several brands of prenatal vitamins and this is by far my favorite brand. I do not feel sick when I take them and they are full of many beneficial nutrients.

-Still walking every day! My trusty man Jaxen makes me walk every morning between 6-7 AM and I can't let him down. Most walks are 1-3 miles.
-I have run a couple of times but not much- not more than 1 mile at a time without stopping either.
-Every so often, I do a few planks or my 8 minute arms video.
-I firmly believe that walking has kept me feeling my best during this pregnancy and am going to try to keep it up the rest of my pregnancy.

-I am so disappointed that I have not had any funky cravings! I want to be one of those weird pregnant people who eat odd things haha.
-I had a craving going for awhile for lemonade. I could not get enough!
-Favorite things are pretty much like usual: tons of fresh fruit, peanut butter, Greek yogurt, green smoothies, tons of pizza, etc.
-I have been loving chips more- salt and vinegar, hot chips and dill pickle.
-I eat A LOT but I guess I have always been a really big eater.
-I still drink 1 cup of coffee per day.

-I am very, very excited to meet this baby and see what she looks like, acts like, etc.
-On the other hand, I am so nervous to be a parent. I'm scared that I won't be able to get the baby to stop crying, know what to do, etc.
-I'm not that nervous for labor at this point. I plan to get an epidural and even though I know that it is not a "cure all" for pain, I know it will help a lot.
-I feel a bit anxious at the amount of stuff we have to do yet, especially since I do not know when the baby will come exactly and if she will be born early.

-I am mostly wearing maternity clothes at this point. None of my regular pants fit and they haven't for a long time.
-Favorite items include black maternity pants, maxi skirts and maternity t-shirts. I also can get away with wearing a lot of non-maternity longer shirts and dresses.
6 weeks vs. 27 weeks

Best Moments of the 2nd Trimester:
-Finding out the sex of the baby- it's a girl!!
-Having our gender reveal party the grandparents and Aunt's and Uncles to be.
-Choosing a name for baby girl.
-Celebrating our "babymoon" in Mexico
-Completing our registry
-Feeling the baby move for the first time and most days since!
-Having our families get to feel the baby kick.
-Working on the nursery and buying lots of baby items at garage sales.
-We are signed up for a birthing class and a baby care class in July that I am looking forward to!

Overall, the second trimester was really great. I felt great, enjoyed the nice weather and got even more excited to meet this baby. So far, the third trimester has been a lot rougher so I'm hoping it is not too bad.

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  1. You look great! So glad to hear it's going well. Love the maternity photos!

  2. From one mom of 25 years to one about to be mom...you are just beautiful! Things are going great it seems and my thoughts and prayers are with all 3 of you!

  3. You look absolutely beautiful, Amanda, and I can just tell how excited you are -- it's awesome! So exciting you're having a little girl -- they are precious beyond words, and let's not forget -- so incredibly fun to dress too :)

  4. Like a gossipy girlfriend, McCarthy brings you in and makes you laugh; there's a certain comfort in knowing that even a sex symbol gets stretch marks and balloons to 200 pounds during pregnancy. Baby scan


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