July 27, 2014

Bella Materna Nursing Bra Review

Bella Materna Nursing Bra
Bella Materna is a company that sells nursing bras and maternity essentials. Since I am at the end of my pregnancy (what?!?), I decided to review their nursing bras. With pregnancy, everything has increased in size and that has included needing some new bras.

Bella Materna Nursing Bra
I tried out the the basic t-shirt bra and the sexy t-shirt bra. I have been wearing the sexy t-shirt bra for a few days now and like it. It has been comfortable and provides good coverage which is exactly what I need. For when I am nursing, there is an easy to undo clip which will be helpful. I like that this bra is simple and pretty unlike many other nursing bras.

Bella Materna Nursing Bra
This bra has underwires which is what I normally wear. It s very supportive and has a thicker band around your body than many other bras. It comes in sizes 32-38 B-H which is quite a wide range of sizes. The larger sizes will have wider straps and back closure for more support.

It is also great for maternity and has a long of different adjustments on the back so it will fit you at many sizes. This is great as I am a bit bigger around my ribcage now than I usually am but after the baby is born, I am guessing that I will go back down to about my original size. The sexy t-shirt bra retails for $68 from Bella Materna.

The basic t-shirt bra is similar to the other bra and does not have the bit of lace on it that the other does. This retails for $48.

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