July 10, 2014

Brainy Baby Review and Giveaway

Brainy Baby Counting Collection
I have such a fun review and giveaway for you today if you have kids aged 1-4. I was sent some products from Brainy Baby to try. While the baby is not born yet, I cannot wait to try these with her when she is old enough!

Brainy Baby sells products to help your child learn. When I was little, my parent's had all kinds of learning tools for us including this flash card decks with questions and answers, the JumpStart games, required reading and lots of math worksheets. Looking back, I appreciate these so much as they helped me learn and to be a better student. Since my husband is a teacher, I can almost guarantee that he is going to teach our little one all kinds of different things.

Brainy Baby Princess Tea Party
My current favorite item that I received was this Princess Tea Party personalized CD. It is amazing! My husband loves Disney music (yes, really!) and we have been having so much fun listening to this CD. It includes the baby's name (which I almost just accidentally revealed!) in each song which is so cool. I know she will love this when she is older and will like hearing her name in the songs.

Brainy Baby The Animal Collection
These learning collection sets come with different themes including animals, numbers, alphabet, shapes, colors and more. Each set comes with a DVD, board book to help your child learn. I think that they are pretty affordable at $24.99 for all that they come with. These would make an excellent gift as well.
Brainy Baby Alphabet Collection
These are recommended for ages 1-4. I look forward to teaching our little one all about letters, numbers and animals! 
The giveaway will be for SIX winner's: 
Grand prize: $100 Brainy Baby gift certificate.
2nd place prizes (5 winners): $20 Brainy Baby gift certificate.
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  2. Id pick the talking hands sign language book or the animal learning puzzles.


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