July 07, 2014

Delicious Dinner Foods Giveaway

Yellow Barn Biodynamic Pasta Sauce
1. Yellow Barn Pasta Sauces- These sauces are so delicious! I was recently sent some Good Boy Organics Yellow Barn pasta sauces to try out which come from the same makers  of BOPS chips that I recently reviewed. When looking for a good pasta sauce, my husband and I love the ones that taste super fresh, lots of vegetable flavor and not too much Italian spices. We have found a new favorite with Yellow Barn Biodynamic sauces. They come in 7 different varieties including their tomato sauces.
Yellow Barn Pasta Sauce
I recently had a craving for some pasta so we cooked up some sprouted whole grain pasta and opened up a jar of the arrabbiata sauce. It is pretty spicy and has such a fresh flavor. Between the two of us, we literally went through an entire jar in 24 hours!! It was one of my favorite sauces that I've tried. My husband made a pizza sandwich with it as well with cheese, green peppers and pepperoni. We both loved this sauce.

I also really like the roasted eggplant pasta sauce which has chunks of roasted eggplant. It was very flavorful and again, fresh. I love a simpler sauce and these use the real flavors of fresh vegetables. The sauces are non-GMO, certified organic, gluten-free and certified biodynamic.

Litehouse Opa Greek Yogurt Dressings
2. Litehouse Opa Greek Yogurt Dressings- Wow, did I ever try a delicious dressing! I was sent some of the Litehouse Opa Greek Yogurt dressings to try and love them. My favorite is definitely the feta dill which is full of flavor. I love the fresh taste of dill along with small chunks of feta cheese. The best part? This dressing is made with Greek yogurt and only has 50 calories per serving which is less than almost any other creamy dressing you can find. I have been eating it on our homegrown lettuce but also really like it as a dip.

The dressing is thick enough to use as a vegetable dip so my mom and I ate some veggies that way. She really enjoyed it as well. I will definitely purchase these again because they are simple to find in your local grocery store, taste amazing and are very low in calories.

Litehouse Fresh Herbs
3. Litehouse Fresh Herbs- I love to use fresh herbs in cooking but they can be expensive and usually go bad before I can use them all up. I recently was sent some Litehouse Fresh Herbs which are herbs that are dehydrated. To use them, just add water to re-hydrate. They have some awesome varieties such as the jalapenos, garlic, basil, chives and spring onions. I love that you can get the taste of fresh herbs without all the added cost and waste. I tried the garlic in a stir-fry and love how fresh it tastes. The basil will be used for a  pasta recipe with sun dried tomatoes and pine nuts that I have been planning.

4. Dr. Praeger's Kale and Black Bean Veggie Burgers- I have been a fan of Dr. Praeger's veggie burgers for some time now and love what a quick meal they make. They are low in fat, have a good amount of fiber, are GMO free and taste great. I really enjoyed the black bean burgers. I tried them with some salsa, avocado, lettuce, onion and tomato. They have black beans and brown rice. They are also an excellent source of protein with 12 grams per serving!

The kale veggie burgers are tasty as well with quinoa, kale, carrots, sweet potatoes and 7 other vegetables. As we know, kale is a superfood so throwing some kale in veggie burger is a great idea. I very much enjoyed trying these!

The giveaway will be for a case of Yellow Barn pasta sauces, a selection of Litehouse Fresh Herbs along with a coupon for a free OPA dressing.
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