July 07, 2014

Dixie Quicktakes Review #DixieQuicktakes

Dixie Quicktakes 
I love leftovers and food prep and use tupperware style containers often. Almost every Saturday or Sunday, I cook up a bunch of food for the following week to make the week easier. Some of my favorite things to prep include roasted veggies, egg burritos, pasta salad, quinoa, cooked beans, chopped fruit and more. Meal prep helps to save time during the week and when I don't do it, I can definitely feel the difference in the amount of time it takes to make meals.

The most annoying thing is not being able to find the lids. I hate looking through my cupboards just to find a lid when I am in a hurry. It seems like they always disappear despite my best efforts to keep them organized. 
Dixie QuicktakesDixie came out with a new and interesting product called Quicktakes® which is a food storage container with attached lids. These are inexpensive and so if you lose them, it is not something to be upset over. When giving leftovers away to relatives, you won't have to worry about getting them back. They are also durable enough to be used over and over. They are dishwasher safe as well.
Dixie Quicktakes
Quicktakes® are available on Amazon only. So far, the ratings are very good with 4 1/2 stars. To see what others have to say, check out the Amazon reviews. For 25 containers with lids, it is only $10.99 which is very affordable. I purchased some of these for myself to store food in our fridge and to take to work. I pack my lunch every single day for work so having these convenient are great. The attached lid fits tightly onto the bottom for a snug fit.
For more information about Quicktakes, check out this video.
Dixie Quicktakes
Having the lids attached are very convenient and help to save time when looking for a quick storage container. They come in 1 cup and 3 cup sizes. To me, the three cup are the most convenient since I like to take big salads to work often. These are BPA free and are recyclable.

Dixie Quicktakes
These containers would be great to pack with your children for their lunches at school. Kids would probably benefit from using the 1 cup size the most. Also, these would be great for packing snacks for a car ride or other trip such as cereal, fruit, chopped veggies, and more. The convenience of not having to worry about losing the lid is great.

Dixie Quicktakes
Feel free to visit Amazon and check out these containers and receive 25% off your order.

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