July 25, 2014

Drinks, Snacks and Lids Review

Cuppow Lids
1. Cuppow- Cuppow is a company that makes canning jar drinking lids that fit a variety of sizes of canning jars. I love to drink from canning jars so this makes it really easy. They make sizes for both wide mouth jars and regular mouth jars. I love to drink my coffee from a Mason jar and this makes it so much easier to drink from. I love to bring a drink with me on the go and this makes it simple.

Bai5 Drink
2. Bai5 Drinks- I have reviewed a few of the Bai5 drinks before and was sent a few more flavors to try out. These drinks are made from coffee fruit which is the covering that protects the coffee beans as they grow. It is rich in antioxidants. One 8 oz serving has only 5 calories which is awesome. My husband is a huge fan of tea mixed with lemonade so I gave him the Tanzania lemonade tea. He really enjoyed this tea and didn't think that it tasted diet.

I like the limu lemon which tasted like a lemonade to me. I have been craving lemonade throughout my pregnancy so this was a great way to satisfy my craving without too much sugar.

SuperEats Kale + Chia Chips
3. SuperEats Kale + Chia Chips- My family is going to laugh at me when they see this review because they know how much I love kale and always joke that that is all I eat (very not true!). I was sent these healthier chips made with kale and chia. I ended up liking them a lot. I like the sea salt flavor and enjoyed dipping these in salsa. I could taste the kale but the salsa covered it up pretty well. Kale, black beans and chia seeds are some of the top ingredients which I loved.

A 1 ounce serving has 120 calories, 160 mg sodium, 4 grams protein and 4 grams fiber. They are also rich in vitamin C and vitamin A. For chips, these are a much healthier alternative where you can pack in some nutrients while still getting the indulgent taste of chips.

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