July 25, 2014

Evolution Fresh Juice Review

Evolution Fresh review- a thorough review of Evolution Fresh Juices and bars!
Evolution Fresh Juices

Evolution Fresh Review

I love trying different fresh juices and was able to try Evolution Fresh juices for the first time recently. I was sent some free product coupons to pick up this product and redeemed them at my local Whole Foods store. There were about 8 different options for juices in store and I chose 5 that sounded the best to me. These juices are very fresh and perfect to drink during the summer months. The juices are made by peeling, pressing and squeezing raw fruits and vegetables. They are then chilled, blended and bottled using high pressure processing which helps protect flavors and nutrients.

I chose 5 flavors to sample including: Defense Up, Sweet Burn, Sweet Greens, Essential Greens and Organic V. These drinks retailed for about $5 each at my Whole Foods locations. The juice is cold pressed and not heated. They are mostly blends of both fruit and vegetable juices. The Defense Up drink also contains fruit puree and is a smoothie.

Is Evolution Fresh Good for you?

Evolution Fresh juice can be a healthy choice in addition to a nutritious diet! Keep reading why the green juices are some of your best choices.

Evolution Fresh Juice Review

My favorite drink ended up being the Defense Up. It is sweet and tasty. It contains orange juice, pineapple, mango, apple and acerola puree.

The first juice that I tried was the Sweet Greens. As a dietitian, I want to be a huge fan of mostly green juices. This juice on its own was too "healthy" tasting for my preferences but I really enjoyed it watered down and with ice. The main flavor that I could taste was the celery and parsley throughout the juice. One cup of this juice is only 50 calories which is great. It also has no added sodium like many vegetable juices do. This juice contains: celery, apple, cucumber, spinach, romaine, kale, lemon, lime, parsley, wheat grass and clover sprouts.

I love spicy juices and was a fan of the Organic Sweet Burn juice from Evolution Fresh. This one contained coconut water, apple, pineapple, beet, ginger, lemon and cayenne powder.

Upon checking out the Evolution Fresh site, I found out that they actually have 24 different juices and smoothies. I hope to be able to try some of these flavors some day that were not offered in my store.

I do not believe in juice cleanses but think that these juices can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. I enjoyed drinking mine with my snacks throughout the day. Drinking these juices as opposed to something unhealthy like pop makes me feel much better.

Another tip that I have is if you are particular about very veggie tasting juices, you can blend it into a smoothie. My favorite way to do this is add 1/2 ripe, frozen banana, Evolution Fresh juice, ice, etc.

Evolution Harvest
Also, I was able to try a few of the Evolution Harvest bars which were very tasty. They are mostly made of fruit, nuts and seeds. The ingredient lists are very simple and I have been enjoying these for a mid-morning snack at work.

Is Evolution Fresh juice healthy?

Evolution Fresh juice is a good choice for juice. Overall though, I stay stick to mostly water for your beverages and eat real food like fruit and vegetables since they have fiber which juice does not.

Where to Buy Evolution Fresh Juice

Buy Evolution Fresh here.

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