July 15, 2014

Manhattan Toy Review and Giveaway

Manhattan Toy Baby Beads
Manhattan Toy is a company that sells all kinds of interesting and exciting toys for babies, toddlers and kids. I had fun looking through their selections and chose a few items to review.

Those the Classic Baby Beads pictured above. These are wooden beads in all different colors. They are strung together by an elastic cord and can be manipulated into all different configurations. I thought that this would be very fun for our baby to play with with all the bright colors.

Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Fergeson Mirror
The next item that I reviewed was the Wimmer-Fergeson Double Feature Mirror. One side has high contrast black and white images and the other side is a mirror. The mirror is to help with self-discovery and the graphics help with visual and multi-sensory development.

Learning Play Microscope picture
The final item that I was sent is the Learning Play Microscope. When I saw this item, I knew that it would be perfect! My husband is a science teacher and I knew he would be so happy for our daughter to have a play microscope. It is for ages 2+ so she will have to wait awhile to use it but we both love this toy. The microscope is made of wood and has 3 lenses to see in color or kaleidoscope view. It als has pretend petri dishes that has bugs, organisms and different patterns on them.

These toys from Manhattan Toy are great! I look forward to our baby girl playing with them!

The giveaway will be for the Wimmer- Fergeson Double Feature Mirror from Manhattan Toy 
(a $30 value) to one winner.
Wimmer-Ferguson Double-Feature Mirror pictureWimmer-Ferguson Double-Feature Mirror picture

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  1. The Learning Play Microscope is so cool.

  2. I love the Groovy Girls Totally Tentastic I could see my daugther loving that :)


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