August 19, 2014

BODYARMOR Sports Drink Review

BODYARMOR sports drink

Body Armor Drink Review

For the most part, I stick to drinking water but sometimes, I need a bit more flavor. BODY ARMOR is a new sports drink that is made with coconut water, vitamins and minerals. It has no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. It is rich in electrolytes making it good for after a hard workout. I had not done a Body Armor drink review before and was excited to try them.

Electrolyte drinks

My husband loves to run and when he does, he sweats, a lot. It takes him a long time to cool down as well. In the heat of the summer, he can lose a lot of fluids and need to replace his electrolytes. I gave Troy these beverages to try out to see what he thought after one of his runs.

BODYARMOR sports drink

Is BODYARMOR good for you?

BODYARMOR comes in 6 different flavors including grape, orange mango, strawberry banana, tropical punch, fruit punch and mixed berry.

One 8 oz serving contains 70 calories. This drink is rich in potassium, vitamin B3, B5, B6 and B12.

BODYARMOR sports drink
We really enjoyed the fruit punch flavor the most. It is very good ice cold. I actually plan to take a couple of these with me to the hospital for my labor too. I am not allowed to eat during labor but know that I will need some nutrients and electrolytes to help fuel me through a possibly long labor so I am going to take a couple of these in my bag.

These BODYARMOR sports drinks were tasty and a fun alternative to water. I do not think that you need a sports drink after every workout but on a really hot day or if you sweat a lot, it can be beneficial. The flavors are fun and tasty and I like the addition of coconut water to the beverages as opposed to typical sugar and water.

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