August 18, 2014

Maternity Sale Dresses Review

Maternity Sale
As I am in my last trimester of pregnancy, I am noticing that less and less of my clothing is fitting me. I am wearing about 80% maternity clothes at this point (or clothes that are a size larger than my normal size. I recently found a company online called Maternity Sale which sells maternity and nursing clothing.

Since I am so close to the end, I decided to review a few nursing dresses. I plan to breastfeed our child and want to make it as simple as possible. These dresses have a small opening underneath the chest to make nursing easier.

The black dress seen above is the 3/4 sleeve body-con maternity dress. It will work for both maternity and nursing. I like the form fit which I have seemed to prefer during my pregnancy as opposed to baggy clothing which just make me look large. The dress is very comfortable and versatile. It could be dressed up or down.

Maternity Sale
Pictures taken at 31 weeks pregnant.

The blue striped nursing dress is similar to the black on and is comfortable. I chose fall designs since the baby is due in the fall.
Maternity Clothing
The last Maternity Sale item that I reviewed was the Dark Azure Maternity Wrap Dress. I do not have any other wrap dresses and really like this one. I like that it is long sleeved for the cold weather. Also, it has discreet nursing material. This dress is very cute and so comfortable as well with the stretchy fabric.

I love all three dresses that I was sent!

Now through 11/30/14, to get $10 off your purchase of $60 or more, use the coupon code: NUTRI2014.

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  1. You are super adorable with that baby bump! All those dresses help accentuate that fact, too :)


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