September 02, 2014

Here Comes Baby Giveaway Part 3

Branch Basics Non-Toxic Cleaning Products
1. Branch Basics cleaning products- I recently had the opportunity to try Branch Basics products. They are pretty neat because you buy a concentrate and then it can be used for different things such as a cleaning soap and a foaming soap for your hands face and boxy. It is non-toxic and free of ammonia, chlorine, bleach and more. I like this because as I am pregnant and about to have a new baby, I want to keep my chemical usage to a minimum.

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branch basics
In fact, it is so safe that it is not harmful if it is ingested, absorbed or inhaled. It does not irritate the eyes or skin. So how does it actually work? It uses enzymes from plants which makes it work well. As seen in the picture above, there are many uses for this all-purpose cleaner including laundry, bathroom, insects, kitchen, fruits and veggies and spills. It is very versatile which I like.

If you want to try out Branch Basics, you can purchase a starter kit which will give you your concentrate plus empty bottles to make your own cleaners with the concentrate. So far, I have enjoyed using this to clean the bathroom and kitchen.

BabySpa Bath Products
2. BabySpa- Baby girl is going to love these products from BabySpa including diaper cream, body lotion and 3-in-1 tearless shampoo, body wash and moisturizer. The products are 95-100% natural and are free of parabens and phthalates. They have two different stages of products that you can buy. Stage 1 is for newborns-crawlers and stage 2 is for walkers to preschoolers. I think it is nice that they have this distinction making shopping easier. The products retail for around $9-12 each. I look forward to trying these on our baby girl.

NoseFrida and Windi
3. NoseFrida and The Windi- Wow, I have never heard so many positive things about a product like the NoseFrida. When doing all my research for what products are must haves for babies, time and time again the NoseFrida came up. What it is a tube that goes in the child's nose and is used to get snot/mucus out. Mom's swear that it works so much better than the traditional bulb sucker. You jut put one end in your mouth and one end in the baby's nose and suck (no, it does not transfer into your mouth at all). It is easy to clean and comes with different tubes.

The Windi is a new-to-me product that helps to release gas when your child is having issues such as colic, constipation and other gas-related problems. It is made to be safe and effective. As a mom-to-be, snot and gas are just a couple of the issues that I will be dealing with so I look forward to having these products that make it easier.

The giveaway will be for a Branch Basics starter set ($31.48 value) to one reader.
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  1. I used Babyspa as well and it worked great for my little guy's sensitive skin. Plus, it smells so good on him!

  2. You didn't say I had to pick something I could I would LOVE To have the BRANCH BASICS 5-GALLON CONCENTRATE. I love the easy pump dispenser to refill bottles. Sweet :)

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  4. I'd like to try the Branch Basics Concentrate


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