September 09, 2014

New Food Products Review

Bare Balance Bars
1. Bare Balance Bars- As you may know, I am a Balance Bar ambassador. I was recently sent some of the new Bare Balance Bars and let me tell you what, they are awesome! The bars are nut based and come in three tasty flavors: sea salt caramel nut, sweet & spicy nut and mixed berry nut. Each bar has 160 calories and are great for on the go.

My favorite is the sea salt caramel nut which tastes like a decadent treat. I also really enjoyed the mixed berry nut. The first day that I received this package, I was having crazy pregnancy hunger and ate three of these bars- that's how good they are!

Garden Lites Veggie Muffins
2. Garden Lites Veggie Muffins- I love muffins but often, they are very high in calories, fat and sugar making them not the best option. I was recently sent some of these awesome Garden Lites veggie muffins which are made with vegetables and other healthy ingredients.

My favorite muffins are the blueberry oat veggie muffins which are not pictured because I ate them all before taking a picture! Each muffin has only 120 calories and contains zucchini, carrots, blueberries and more. These can be kept in the freezer and heated for 25-35 seconds before eating. Each muffin has 5 grams of fiber and 3 grams of protein.

My other favorite flavor is the banana chocolate chip. It tastes like a delicious banana bread with chocolate chips but also contains zucchini which you cannot even tell. These are amazing warmed up with peanut butter on them.

I like eating two of these muffins at one time to make a meal. They also make a great snack. I loved these muffins so much and will look for them in stores near me.

Victoria Amory Sauces
3. Victoria Amory Sauces- I was recently sent some fancy sauces to try from Victoria Amory including champagne ketchup, green chili piri piri and almond & garlic romesco sauce. The condiments are made with natural ingredients. I enjoyed trying the champagne ketchup with some roasted potatoes. It has a great flavor!

I had never heard of Piri Piri before. It is from Portugal and uses flavors like green chili peppers, olive oil, lemon and more. I look forward to trying this over some grilled chicken.

The romesco sauces is made with roasted red peppers as a base and is from Spain. It also includes almonds, hazelnuts and is good over vegetables and fish. They also make a smoky BBQ ketchup which I think that my husband would like a lot.

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