October 18, 2014

Life at Home with a Newborn

Life with a newborn at home is amazing, tiring, full of love, overwhelming, etc. etc. I never felt so many different emotions at once in my life. Having this little one at home with us is amazing! Here are some of the pictures from the first couple weeks of her life. See below for an update on how everything else is going.

 First time at home- my mom made her this beautiful sign and set out the red carpet. It is a family tradition starting when my mom's parents did this when I came home from the hospital. <3 p="">

Meeting her big siblings for the first time! It was a little crazy but is going so much better now.

 I love you Jaxen!

 First picture of the whole family!

Look at that hair- that is seriously impressive!

Love my family of 3 : )

Granny gave her one of her first baths!

 One of my favorite pictures! Love this girl : )

Nakey baby

 We even love your crying face- sorry, I had to!

So far, everything is going very well. Breastfeeding is going well which is something that I was worried about. *Knock on the wood*, Adalyn does not cry that often except when she wants to eat, is going to bed, or when she is getting changed. The dogs are doing exceptionally well with her which was a concern for us. 

We love going on walks as a family of 3 (or 5 with the dogs). So far, we have gone to my dad's work for lunch, Walmart, Aldi, and a few more errands together. It is much different getting anywhere on time with a baby I will tell you. An hour goes by in about 2 seconds. It is crazy.

Troy and I love being parents and would not change our new lives for anything. Adalyn is everything that we could have wished for and so much more.

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  1. So glad you are adjusting well! It's insane how fast the chaos settles and you feel like it's all just normal. She is just beautiful! Congrats again :)

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos of Adalyn and your family!

    I love the Red Carpet welcome.

  3. She is absolutely beautiful! I also love the red carpet tradition. Glad to see the dogs are adjusting. Love the picture with Jaxen. Looks like Adalyn is smiling!


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