October 16, 2014

Mini Boden Review

Mini Boden
Through my research for different items for baby Adalyn, I constantly read about one brand of clothes that is really great for babies and kids: Boden. Boden is a company that sells clothes for babies, kids and adults. They are high quality pieces that are meant to last. For my review, I was sent a few pieces from Mini Boden to try out for Adalyn.

I was sent the 3-6 month size so they do not fit her yet to try on but I can tell that they are going to be amazing for the winter. I chose three different sweaters for her and I am very happy with each of them.

The Stripy Knitted Dress seen above is really great because it reminds me of something that I would wear. It is very warm and thick.

Mini Boden dress
I chose this My Baby Knitted Dress with the pear on it because I love fruit so much. I like the combination of colors and plan to pair it with a pair of leggings. Also, my dad grows pears on the farm so we think that this is super cute. This dress is also available with a penguin or a tree on it. It is super soft and uses yarn with a smidge of cashmere in it.

Boden accessories
Boden threw a couple of surprises in my package that I love! The shopping list is adorable as is the notebook. As a brand new mom, both of these have come in handy very much already! I write down things to ask her doctor in the notebook and use it as a to-do list. The shopping list is great to keep track of things that we need to pick up. The deck of cards is great because we love to play euchre and gin.

Mini Boden
The final item that I received has to be my favorite. It is called the Knitted Jacket and is so thick and warm. I love the ears on top as well. This jacket in navy blue can be for a girl or boy so in the future, we could use it for another child if we have one.

The pieces from Mini Boden are very high quality. You can definitely tell the difference from regular baby clothes. Most pieces that I saw retail for about $30-50 depending on what it is.

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