November 03, 2014

NatureBox Healthy Snacking

NatureBox Healthy Snacks
I have tried NatureBox before and am a big fan of this service. NatureBox is subscription service that has tons of different and unique healthy snacks. You receive 5 bags per monthly box which includes several servings in each bag. You can customize your snack choices and preferences based on what you like.

NatureBox Healthy Snacks

I was able to choose the five kinds of snacks that I wanted from NatureBox which was awesome. My favorite would have to be the dried California apricots. I have always loved dried fruit and these are very firm and chewy which I loved. My other favorite is the blueberry almond bites which are addictive! They are crisp and fruity.

The other snacks that I tried were all delicious as well including the pistachio power clusters, cinnamon spiced almonds and southern BBQ sunflower kernels. When I was choosing the snacks I wanted, I made sure to include filling options such as these nuts which help keep me full during the day while taking care of a little baby. These snacks are all high quality and are a lot nicer than what you can typically find in most grocery stores.

NatureBox Healthy Snacks

During the holiday season, it is often hard to make healthy food decisions. With all of the fun parties going on, it is easy to load up on way too much food. NatureBox snacks make eating healthier easy. You could bring a tray of NatureBox snacks to a party to share with the other guests and therefore, you would have something healthy to snack on instead of just the typical party foods.

Also, by snacking on NatureBox snacks throughout the week instead of unhealthy snacks, you give yourself a little wiggle room to indulge at a holiday party. Have a serving of NatureBox snacks with a fruit or vegetable on the side for a healthier option. I love all the flavored nut options from NatureBox because they are filling and a lot more fun than regular unflavored nuts.

NatureBox Healthy Snacks
These snacks are nutritionist approved and are delivered right to your door! They contain no artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, high fructose corn syrup or trans fat.

Click here to start your free trial with NatureBox*! This contains one full-sized bag and 4 single serving pouches of snacks. Check out the NatureBox snack catalog to see all of the snack options available.

*Fine Crumbs: Free trial is available for new and US subscribers only. Not valid on gift subscriptions and may not be combined with any other offers”

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  1. I got their promo box last month or the month before (cannot remember which) for less than $3, had 3 or 4 single serving bags and 1 large bag in it but sadly we were not able to choose our snacks for this box. I ate all but 1 of the snacks they sent me but definitely would have chosen ALL different ones if I could have, I would have done all savory and no sweet choices (HATE SWEET). I always take advantage of the free or drastically reduced priced promotions for subscription boxes because I am poor and they are so much fun to receive. In short I would agree their snacks are of high quality and quite good, even though all of mine were totally different than yours.


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