November 02, 2014

Raw Generation Juice Review

Raw Generation juices
I was recently sent some juices to try from Raw Generation. They come with different women's names including Cecelia, Jessica, Carolyn and Elizabeth. I love fresh juices and was excited to try these. To note, I do not believe in juice cleanses and when I drink juices, it is in addition to a regular, healthy diet.

The first juice that I tried was the Cecelia juice. It is made with orange, carrot and ginger. This juice is great for people who prefer fruit juices as it does not have much of a vegetable flavor. I enjoyed the fresh flavor of this juice. It is pretty sweet and mostly tastes like a fresh OJ. This juice was higher in calories than some fresh juices at around 200 calories.

Jessica - Dark Green Juice (6 pack)
My favorite juice from Raw Generation was definitely the Jessica juice which was a blend of kale, spinach, collards, apple and lemon. It had so much flavor and was addicting! Once I started drinking one, I wanted to keep sipping on it constantly.

These juices are 100% raw. They come frozen and take a couple of days to defrost. This is kind of nice because then you do not have to worry about them going bad too soon since you just take out however many you need. Something that I did not like was that there was a lot of separation in the juices which did not affect the flavor but did affect the appearance.

The Elizabeth was pretty tasty as well with pineapple, cucumber and aloe. I was not a fan of the Carolyn which contained beets. I love beets but for some reason, do not like them in a juice.

Overall, I very much enjoyed the juices from Raw Generation. The Jessica juice was especially delicious so I would definitely recommend that one.

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