November 26, 2014

New Foods Review

Non-GMO Snacks
1. Non-GMO snacks- I was sent these non-GMO snacks to try for non-GMO month (last month). They included Numi tea, Mary's Gone Crackers and Nutiva Chia Seeds. I have enjoyed using all of these.

Numi tea- Love the different variety pack and trying new-to-me flavors. I liked the chai tea the best so far. These are all organic. I was also sent the chocolate spice tea which I have not tried yet but look forward to it.

Nutiva chia seeds- All Nutiva products are non-GMO certified and organic. I loved these chia seeds in my oatmeal which I have been eating for extra protein, fiber and omega-3. Yum!

Mary's Gone Crackers- These are easily my favorite crackers. They are organic, gluten-free and non-GMO. They also have no nut, dairy or eggs so they are good for people with different food allergies. They are full of delicious ingredients and I love how extremely crunchy they are. The everything pretzels are full of flavor. They are great on their own or with hummus or cheese.

Balance Bare Bars
2. Balance Bare Bars- These are my favorite nutrition bar. They are so addictive. I tried them first as part of my partnership with Balance Bar and then was sent some as part of another promotion. I have a big bucket of different bars and if I see one of these, they are always the first one I choose. At first, I was not the biggest fan of the sweet & spicy nut but have gotten to really like them a lot. All of the ingredients are ones that you can pronounce and these only have 160 calories.

I go back and forth which one is my favorite, they are all great. The seat salt caramel nut is great if you have a sweet tooth and the mixed berry nut is good if you want dried fruit as well.

3. Maia Greek Yogurt- You all know how much I love Greek yogurt. In fact, I eat it almost everyday. I was sent this Maia yogurt to try. I liked the low-fat plain Greek yogurt the best and recently used it in a recipe for coleslaw to make it healthier than just using mayo and sour cream like the recipe called for. 

I did enjoy the flavor of the flavored yogurts such as pomegranate cherry and peach but thought that the texture could be thicker like most other Greek yogurts are. They are sweetened with cane sugar as well and I would be prefer to just have the fruit to sweeten. I would stick to the plain version of these yogurts which were really good.

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  1. Where did you find your products for Maia Yogurts I have looked all over and cannot find them!

    1. Hey Tara!
      Thanks so much for your interest in Maia! You can use the store locator at or email us directly at and we'll help you find some Maia!



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