November 22, 2014

WubbaNub Review and Giveaway

WubbaNub Brown Puppy
I am excited to share this review and giveaway with you today because the WubbaNub is on my list of top 5 baby products. We use this product all throughout the day and night and never, ever leave home without it. 

Adalyn has the red dog WubbaNub which we received from a family member for a baby gift. For review, she received the brown puppy. We love both of these and alternate between the two.

WubbaNub Brown Puppy
Why is this such a must have product? Because it soothes Adalyn when nothing else can. She loves to suck (I read that all babies have the need to suck even when they are not eating) and loves to use this pacifier. It uses a Soothie pacifier which is attached to the stuffed animal. It makes it a bit harder for the pacifier to fall out which is great because pacifiers come out all the time and we have to get it back in her mouth right away or else we hear loud screams! 

WubbaNub Brown Puppy
Also, Adalyn at 7 weeks is getting to where she can hold onto the WubbaNubs a bit better which she likes. The little bit of weight that it has sits nicely on her chest and is a great toy to have.

I will probably buy a few more of these eventually because we are using them throughout the night and off and on during the day. I highly recommend this product and will be purchasing these for baby shower gifts in the future.

The giveaway will be for one WubbaNub to one reader of The Nutritionist Reviews.
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  1. I wanted to say she is simply adorable and the Wabbanub is a great product! Your pictures of her are simply darling. Thanks for profiling this product, I haven't see it on any other blogs that I follow..and I think it would be a help to many friends of mine who have newbies.

  2. I think we would pick the monkey and the elephant is a close second!

  3. How cute! I would love the monkey one for the little monkey I am waiting for! He will be here in the next few days, or so I hope! Also, I am subscribed to your blog but I'm not sure if it's the same email the RC widget has me signed in with. Thanks for the chance!

  4. Would Love one of these I think a giRaffe or red Dog would be cute


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