December 06, 2014

New Products Review

Food for Life Sprouted Bread
1. Food for Life Sprouted Bread- I was recently sent a couple of gluten-free breads from Food For Life to try. They have sprouted grains and are vegan. I like that they are not full of junk ingredients like some gluten-free products. Instead, they have sprouted quinoa, millet and chia seeds. The bread is good toasted with peanut or almond butter on it. It is not dry or cardboard-like. It is chewy and tasty. It comes in original, almond, flax and raisin flavors. I would especially love to try the almond one!
Rubbermaid Shaker Bottle
2. Rubbermaid Shaker Bottle- I was recently offered to try this shaker bottle. It is for making protein shakes which is something that my husband enjoys. The paddle ball in the bottle helps to break up clumps which gives you a smooth texture. The bottle is BPA free and has a spill proof closure. This comes in 20 and 28 oz sizes and is dishwasher safe.

Traditional Medicinals Green Teas
3. Traditional Medicinals Green Teas- I have tried some of the teas from Traditional Medicinals before and really liked them. I had not tried the green teas yet so was excited to do so. My friend came over recently to meet Adalyn and I made us a pot of the green tea hibiscus. This tea was good but we both agreed that it was a little bit weak in flavor. Hibiscus gives color but not too much flavor. 

Later, I tried the green tea peppermint and green tea ginger and really enjoyed those. The ginger tea is good for digestion which I love. When I don't feel that well, I drink ginger tea and it helps a lot- especially towards the end of pregnancy it was great.

My number one favorite thing about these particular teas is that they are super low in caffeine compared to other green tea. Some have around 14 mg of caffeine only. I do drink caffeine but when it comes to tea, tend to favorite the decaf or very low caffeine versions. If I am going to drink a good amount of caffeine, I want coffee. 

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