December 05, 2014

Baby K'tan Review

You know I love my baby carriers so when I was offered the Baby K'tan to review, I decided to give it a try. I saw that the Baby K'tan was offered in a coral color which I just loved so I chose that. All of the carriers that I have tried have some different feature that sets them apart which I will discuss in this post.

Something nice about the Baby K'tan is that it is very size specific. I went with the size XS which works well on my body. I like that there is not a bunch of extra material which gives the carrier a clean look. The downside of this is that if my husband or someone else wanted to wear it, it may not fit them if they are not about the same size as me.

I chose the Baby K'tan Active which is a new line of the Baby K'tan products. It comes in coral or ocean blue and is made with hi-tech performance fabric. The material is super light and I think that this would be great for the summer when you do not want something too heavy. This carrier blocks over 90% of UVA and UVB rays. It also gives temperature control and a cooling feeling. There is a built in back support band and this carrier supports 8-35 lbs. This carrier retails for $59.95.

A benefit of this specific carrier is that you do not have to do any crazy tying to put the carrier on. It slips on easier than most which is good if you are short on time or have a hard time understanding the other carriers. Personally, I see benefits of both and like using different types of carriers.

What I have really enjoyed using this carrier for is wearing Adalyn around the house. It is great for doing chores, cooking, etc. When I sit down with it, I like that there is not a big knot from the extra material making it comfortable on my back.

I very much enjoyed trying the Baby K'tan and know that we will get great use out of it this winter. In the spring when it is nicer out, I definitely plan to use it since it helps wick away sweat and may help keep you cool.

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