January 02, 2015

Avasia Prenatal Vitamins

Avasia Prenatal Vitamins
Once Troy and I decided that we wanted to have a baby, I started taking prenatal vitamins and of course continued them throughout my whole pregnancy. My doctor told me to continue taking the prenatal vitamins while I breastfeed to make sure that I get all of the nutrients that I need and the baby needs.

I have liked taking several different brands of prenatal vitamins. Any of the pill forms seem to be fine for me but I do not really like any gummies. The gummies still have a vitamin flavor and instead of swallowing it quickly like you would a pill, you have to chew it and taste those yucky flavors. So I prefer taking the pill.

Avasia Prenatal Vitamins
I was sent a bottle of the Avasia prenatal vitamins to try. One of my favorite things about these is that you only have to take one. Most of my prenatals that I have taken make you take 3-6 pills per day. I prefer one because it is a lot easier to take, especially for pregnant women who are suffering from morning sickness.

These contain the essential nutrients that pregnant, soon to be pregnant, and postpartum women need. Along with a healthy diet, a prenatal vitamin will ensure that you get all of the nutrition that your body requires.

Avasia Prenatal Vitamins
FYI this prenatal contains polyethylene glycol (often used as a laxative). I contacted the company to see what it is used for and in this case, a very small amount is used as an excipient to assist with the binding and coating of the tablets. It is not used as a laxative in this prenatal.

These vitamins are available for sale on Amazon and come with a large supply of 150 vitamins. These are affordable at $0.18 per day.

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  1. Wow!... First of all congratulations for your baby girl... she is very cute... Well happy to know that these all Prenatal Vitamins are very helpful at times of pregnancy.. Thanks for this wonderful review...


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