January 27, 2015

DL revAMP Detox Review

I recently had the opportunity to try an amazing program called DL revAMP. DL revAMP is a company that sells a plant-based food detox. Typically, I am not a fan of regular detox programs. I do not think that an all juice cleanse is necessary or particularly helpful. Your body should be able to "cleanse" and "detox" itself and you don't need some crazy diet to do it. The reason that I decided to try this detox is because it includes actual food and real ingredients and because I have not been feeling like myself. I feel like I needed some help to reduce my sugar intake.

A little background on what is going on with me: Since about Thanksgiving, I have been feeling a lot more tired than normal. Of course some of this has to do with having a young baby but even on nights when Adalyn slept well, I felt exhausted, run down, lethargic, lazy, etc. I hate feeling this way and wanted to do something about it. I have been working on getting more rest, making sure to exercise, eating a lot more produce and working on cutting down on sugar.

The biggest problem that I think is contributing to feeling yucky is overeating and eating too much sugar. I was excited to try this detox because I am able to eat real foods on it. It is not an all juice program and had a decent amount of calories- 1200. I did consume additional foods because I was hungry and 1200 calories is not enough for my with nursing, exercise and how much my body needs in general.

The program that I completed was three days long. It included food and beverages to consume 7 times per day. The food is USDA certified organic. This was a big benefit for me because I like to eat many times during the day, not just three square meals for example. Almost everything on the plan was absolutely delicious. My favorite part of it that was different than what I usually have was the awesome salad dressings- I need to find similar recipes!

I started this plan on Wednesday and finished on Friday. I did consume additional foods but tried to keep them healthy and similar to what would fit on this plan. Additional foods included peanut butter, nuts, apples, strawberries, nut bars and a few more items. I need about 2000-2500 calories per day which is why I added additional food. This plan is vegan, nut-free, gluten-free, and dairy free.

Below is a sample menu from a day on the DL revAMP detox:

Here is what I thought of the food and drinks:
- Chia fat flush- I don't like the name but the beverage was good. You start each day with this beverage of cranberry and lemon juice with chia seeds. I love chia seeds and think that they are a good source of protein, fiber and omega-3. I eat chia seeds about 5 days per week. This beverage was a good start to the day.

-Breakfast- I liked the cacao breakfast crunch best which is raw sprouted buckwheat, blueberries, cacao nibs and coconut milk. This was very tasty and filling. I was not a fan of the superfood chia pudding.

-OnJuice- Each day, I had an OnJuice late morning. I loved all of the combination which were full of mostly vegetables.

-Lunch- These lunches were delicious! They included detox power salad, crunchy cabbage salad and oriental noodle bowl. My favorite was the detox power salad which was unique with mung beans and goji berries. The dressing was my favorite part.

-Power Shot- Each day at 2 PM, I was to have a Power Shot. I really loved the grapefruit and cayenne one. The turmeric and papaya I did not like at all. I am not a fan of turmeric.

-Snack- These snacks were all amazing and very different from each other. I had kale chips, raw cacao truffles and grapefruit refresher. I am inspired to make these all again.

-Soup for dinner- Each dinner was pretty light with soup only. The soup was filling but not quite enough for me. I had to add some additional food in with the dinner. The soup were all pureed with a bit of texture. My favorite was the green garden soup with zucchini, leeks, asparagus and celery. These also inspired me to want to recreate something similar at home as I have never made soups like this.

How did I feel?
Since I had not been feeling myself, this was the big question for me whether this detox helped me to feel better. It is kind of difficult to say because on the 3 days that I was on this plan, Adalyn slept extremely poorly making me tired.

What I know for sure is that it helped me break some of my sugar cravings/addiction that I had going on. I have been eating way too much and this plan helped me with mindful eating. I actually learned a lot from it. I enjoyed reflecting on how it was making me feel as well.

Would I recommend DL revAMP?
Yes, depending on your reason for doing it. To help you eat mindfully, break a sugar addiction or get back to eating healthier and a more plant based diet, yes. If you want to "detox your liver", etc., then no I do not believe in that.

The food is very delicious and inspired me to make some new types of foods. It is expensive but if you have the money and are looking for some change, this may be something really neat to try. I love that real foods and ingredients are used and I am on the road to feeling more like myself.

If you are interested in trying out DL revAMP, use the code REVAMP for $100 off your purchase.

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