January 26, 2015

New Foods of 2015 Part 2 Giveaway

Taste Guru Gluten-Free Box
1. Taste Guru Box- I was recently sent a box of Taste Guru products which is a monthly subscription for gluten-free products. It included some fancy salt, olives, walnuts, crackers, cookies, a magazine, coffee and an oatmeal fruit pouch. A subscription is as low at $15 per month depending on how long you subscribe. I love Boca Java coffee and was excited to see it in this package. The black walnuts were stolen by my husband right away which he enjoyed. For people who require a gluten-free diet, this is a good way to try different products that do not have gluten.

Elli Quark
2. Elli Quark- I had been wanting to try this product since I heard about it last year!! What is quark? It is a lot like Greek yogurt but a bit creamier and less sour. It is not yogurt either. It is a spoonable fresh cheese that is high in protein with no added sugars.

I thought that this was super delicious and loved the varieties of flavors that these come in. My favorite was the sea salt caramel which was so rich and delicious tasting, I could not believe it only has 80 calories! Other awesome flavors are the bananas foster, red velvet cake and mint chocolate

Each container of quark has 80 calories and 14 grams of protein. They contain stevia and erythritol instead of sugar. Be careful with these if your body is sensitive to different sweeteners. I can have some of these but not in excess.

These are very tasty I love the variety of flavors. When I find these at my local grocery store, I would definitely pick some up.

Belvita Bites
3. Belvita Bites- Despite that I don't think that these are a breakfast food and are more like a dessert, I find Belvita biscuits to be delicious! I love every flavor that they have, especially blueberry. They are like a slightly healthier crunchy cookie. They recently came out with Belvita Bites which are little bite-sized Belvita biscuits. These come in chocolate and mixed berry flavors. I really like the mixed berry flavor. I think that they are very tasty and addictive. Each package has 230 calories and 4 g fiber. For a healthier dessert, I really like Belvita products.

The giveaway will be for a box of Elli Quark to one lucky winner! 

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  1. I would love to try the mint chocolate. Yum!

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