January 01, 2015

Food and Drinks Review + K-Cups Giveaway

Happy New Year! I hope that everyone had an incredible holiday season! Today I have some awesome food and beverage reviews for you including a k-cup giveaway.

Wild Planet Tuna and Salmon
1. Wild Planet Tuna and Salmon- I love canned tuna. Ever since I was little, I remember eating tuna salad at my Busia's (grandma's) house. Now, I make it healthier with the addition of vegetables such as green onion, green peppers, cucumber, celery, etc. I also either use light mayo or sometimes just use vinegar for a dressing.
Wild Planet Tuna and Salmon
This Wild Planet tuna is delicious. It is sustainably caught. My favorite is the no salt added variety. Something that you may not think of is that often times, tuna is full of sodium. The no salt added version does not taste any different and is healthier.

Red Rose Tea K-Cups
2. Red Rose K-Cups- Troy and I finally got a Keurig!! We have been loving having fresh coffee and tea daily. I was sent some Red Rose k-cups to try out and we really like them. Unpictured is my husband's favorite tea ever: vanilla biscotti. He thinks it tastes just like dessert.

We also really like the chocolate peppermint black tea which reminds us more of peppermint hot chocolate since it it sweet and milky. Some of these teas do contain sugar such as the cinnamon bun and chocolate peppermint.

Muscle Milk Organic
3. Muscle Milk Organic- My husband is a fan of protein drinks since often times as a teacher, he has no time to eat. Also, he does not get hungry very much (wth??) and therefore, a protein drink can be a good option to get in some nutrients and calories. This product has 120 calories and 15 g protein. They are sold at Target. Troy enjoyed both flavors but especially the vanilla. He said that the texture was good which is important because often times, protein drinks can be chalky.

The giveaway will be for a variety of k-cups from Red Rose Tea.
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