January 07, 2015

Numi Holiday Teas Review

Numi Holiday Tea
The day before Christmas Eve, I received this fun package of teas from Numi to review. They ended up being my favorite teas from Numi that I have tried.

I was sent:
-Holiday herbal chai
-Winter spice
-Holiday chai
-Dry desert lime

The first teas my husband and I tried was the holiday ones of course! I mostly go for decaf tea so I tried the holiday herbal chai and loved it! It was full of flavor and tasted more like a black tea than an herbal one which I really liked.

Numi Holiday Tea
My husband, who is newly into drinking tea, very much enjoyed both the holiday chai and winter spice teas. They were both spiced nicely. We have made a little tradition of drinking tea together that I just love! Either on weekend mornings/afternoons or weekday evenings, we made each other tea and talk about our days, make plans, etc. It is a nice time to bond together.

The honeybush was a mild tea of "sweet honey African nectar" that I enjoyed. I was not a fan of the dry desert lime tea at all because it tasted like cleaning products to me.

I would definitely recommend the Numi holiday teas, they were tasty and I will keep drinking them all winter. To purchase, check your local grocery store or Amazon.

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