January 18, 2015

The Rein Coat Review

The Rein Coat
Mr. Jaxen who is always cold had the opportunity to review The Rein Coat. This coat is made to help keep dogs calm. Jaxen is the sweetest dog but he gets really nervous at times. When you stare at him, he starts to shake and he goes crazy when someone he doesn't know comes over, when the mailman walks/drives by and when we pass people on a walk.

This is where The Rein Coat comes in. It is a coat and harness combination that replicates natural behavior between animals and their offspring in a gentle manner. It touches your pup on the nape of the neck like the dog's mom does, this releases oxytocin which is known as the love hormone to reduce fear and anxiety.

The Rein Coat
It can help to calm your pet while letting them move freely without constraint. It was created for Rabb, an English Mastiff who was scared of thunderstorms. It was named after a Great Dane named Rein Drop who was scared of car rides. This coat fits all different sizes including 5 lbs to 250 lbs!

It is made to fit loosely and I chose the toy plus size for Jaxen. It comes in both classic and ultralight. One for cooler climates and one for warmer ones. Both come in this blue color seen in the pictures.

The Rein Coat
The Rein Coat is a great product and has been keeping Jaxen warm this winter. I am not sure yet if it has helped to calm him but we will see once he goes outside on walks when he typically barks at people.

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