January 17, 2015

Gunapod Review

I was recently sent a great product called the Gunapod by Gunamuna. The Gunapod is a wearable blanket for babies also known as a sleep sack. It comes in three sizes 0-9 months, 9-18 months and 18-24 months. My baby is long and already 4 months old so I chose the 9-18 months size. This seems to fit pretty well now and of course, should be able to fit for awhile.

I was sent the plush material which is 100% polyester fleece and is so soft and warm! I love it. This is also available in cotton if you do not live in as cold of an area. In Michigan, it is freezing and this wearable blanket is perfect.

As of right now, we still swaddle at night but this wearable blanket is perfect for during the day for naps and just to stay warm.

It features the Wonderzip system which opens completely from underarm to underarm with 4 different pulls. I like this because if it is warmer, you could leave some of the zippers open. You can also unzip along the bottom to be able to use the carseat or stroller safety strap. This is especially awesome since our other sleepsacks and swaddles, we have to take them off for riding in the car. This is a very convenient feature.

I tried out the Gunapod on Adalyn and really liked it. It is warm and cozy and keeps her warm in our often chilly home. This product retails for $29.50 and comes in different colors. I would recommend this Gunapod to anyone with a baby.

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  1. This looks really warm! I'm going to check it out. The ones we have now are pretty thin.


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