January 31, 2015

Women's Multi Gold Vitamin Review

I have been complaining about feeling plain wiped out lately the past month or so. By mid-day, I feel like a slug! I do not have time to feel exhausted like this so I decided to talk to my family about it. My dad asked me if I am still taking my vitamins. He is so right! I had gotten pretty lax with taking vitamins and was only taking them about 2 days per week. This reminder got me back to taking my daily vitamin and probiotic supplement. I am doing a few different things to feel my best which I will highlight in another post.

I was recently sent the Women's Multi Gold Vitamins to try from NutriGold. What I really like about these vitamins is that they are made from whole-foods including organic fruits and vegetables. They also contain other beneficial nutrients such as nutritional yeast (love this on salads), probiotics and more. I think that eating a variety of probiotic rich food (Greek yogurt is my favorite) and taking a probiotic is a great choice to restore healthy bacteria in the body. It also helps with digestion.

All vitamins and minerals in this supplement come from real foods and none are synthetic. This supplement is rich in iron which women need.

Currently, I still take a prenatal vitamin for breastfeeding but think that this is a good multivitamin option. You take 3 capsules per day with or without food and get 100%+ of many vitamins and minerals. These do contain more than 100% of some nutrients so be careful of taking too many other vitamins with it. Along with a healthy diet and exercise, I think that a multivitamin can be a good addition to your life.

If you are interested in these Women's Multi Gold Vitamins, you can purchase a 90 capsule bottle on Amazon for $27.99.

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