February 01, 2015

Gunter Wilhelm Review

12" Stick-Resistant stainless steel 5PLY Fry Pan with patented lid
I think that in order to be able to cook well, you need some decent cookware. I was recently sent this pan from Gunter Wilhelm to review. I have had my fair share of experiences with different cooking pans. I have had amazing ones and terrible ones. I have literally thrown out pans in the middle of cooking when they are terrible. This pan from Gunter Wilhelm is an awesome addition to my cookware and has made healthy eating simpler.

For my review, I was sent the stick resistant stainless steel fry pan with lid. It has a flat bottom which helps achieve gentle, even heating and has sloped sides for stirring. The company suggests that it is good for making risotto and sauces. 

Something awesome- these products are used by the White House Chef Tour including being used at the white house, Camp David and the vice president's residence. 

This pan comes in 9.5" and 12" sizes. A pan retails for $149-199. 

To test out this pan, I made a chicken vegetable stir-fry which is one of my favorite healthy go-to meals lately. I was impressed how the food did not stick. It is not a nonstick pan but is stick-resistant. It cooked my food evenly and made stirring easy.

Gunter Wilhelm also sells knives and cutlery sets. Along with a good pan, I think good cutlery is very important. There is nothing like having a dull knife to do a bunch of chopping with.

I enjoyed trying out this pan from Gunter Wilhelm and look forward to making many meals in it.

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  1. interesting pan/design - I've not seen or heard about this line, thanks for sharing. ps. I really miss living in Michigan - so many great places to shop, eat, enjoy the sights and explore - love all the Michigan made products we have to offer too!


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