February 16, 2015

New Foods of 2015 Part 5 Giveaway

Van's Macaroni and Cheese
1. Van's Pasta and Granola- I was recently sent Van's new products including three gluten-free pastas and whole-grain granola. I decided to make the macaroni and cheese and add a bunch of vegetables and it was very tasty. I could not even tell that it was gluten-free.

Van's Gluten-Free Pasta
It would make a good meal for adults and children. The meal cooks in only 10 minutes and has 11-12 grams of protein. I would definitely buy this again.

Van's Granola
The granola comes in two flavors: blueberry walnut and cranberry almond. Both are very tasty. My favorite way to have granola lately is with yogurt. The granola bites are chewy which is different than your typical granola. They are made with whole-grains as well and are gluten-free.
Detour Simple salted caramel cookie dough
2. Detour Simple Bars- Look at the name of this flavor!! Salted caramel cookie dough!! Yum. I am a fan of the other flavors of Detour bars and enjoyed this new flavor a lot. It is gluten-free, non-GMO and contains 20 grams of protein per serving.

Detour Simple salted caramel cookie dough
I had my husband try these because they are a flavor he would love, provide a big boost of protein and are 230 calories (he is always looking to eat more calories). The bars are very tasty and taste like dessert.

Breeze Bar
3. Breeze Bar- I was sent these Breeze Bars to try which are gluten and dairy free. What attracted me to Breeze Bars is that they are created by a registered dietitian like myself! Her name is Breeze Brown and she made them for her sister who was diagnosed with Celiac disease.

These bars come in different flavors including maple almond, original peanut crunch, chocolate cranberry, cocoa espresso and nut free sunflower. The bars are higher in calories with 250-260 bars which would be good for athletes or someone who needs a higher calorie snack. They are made with real ingredients and are very tasty.

The giveaway will be for Van's free product coupons and Breeze Bars to one lucky reader.
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