February 15, 2015

Jane.com Review

Jane.com is a website that sells all kinds of items that are on a deal for a short period of time until they are sold out. I had an awesome time checking out the site and found many things that I really liked. They have many pieces of clothing for women, accessories and items for babies and kids. For my review, I chose one item for myself and a couple for Adalyn.

I was sent this sequin chevron elbow top which I really like. The deal is no longer available but similar tops are for sale. This top is very comfortable and has a fit that I would not normally choose for myself but actually like a lot.

These headbands were a great deal at $5.99 for 4 headbands. They are so cute! They are a little big on Adalyn right now but I think they will fit her better in about 6 months or so.

Love the different colors!

These shoes are squeaky! They are for toddlers and come in a variety of colors. They were on the Jane.com website for $13.99. The squeaker can be kept in or removed.

I like all of the items that we were sent to try out from Jane.com. I would definitely recommend checking them out for some deals. The inventory is constantly changing so check back frequently.

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  1. Amanda, thanks for the great review! The top looks great on you and the items for Adalyn look darling. I hope they work for her as she gets older. xo!


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