February 14, 2015

Tasty Beverages Review

Traditional Medicinals Relaxation Teas
1. Traditional Medicinals Relaxation Teas- I am a big fan of Traditional Medicinals teas and have reviewed many of them. My current favorite is the Mother's Milk tea which helps to increase my milk supply. I drink this often at work. This time, I was sent a few relaxation teas including:

Cup of Calm – A delightful blend of complex herbal tastes—floral, apple-like and minty!
Nighty Night – Minty, mildly bitter and sweet, with notes of citrus and spice.
Chamomile with Lavender – Fragrantly floral and bittersweet. 
These teas are organic and fair trade. I light the nighty night tea because it has a nice minty flavor. I am one of those people that cannot shut off their brains at night and this helps to relax me before bed. 
WALT Pinot Noir Wine
2. WALT Pinot Noir- When we drink alcohol, my husband's choice is often red wine. I like red wine as well and like alternating it with white wine. I was sent the WALT Blue Jay Anderson Valley pinot noir to try. We enjoyed this wine. The company also makes 2 different chardonnay wines and 12 different pinots. They are located in Sonoma in California.

This bottle of wine retails for $40.00. It contains flavors of concentrated blueberry, lavender and wet stone. It also has flavors of spicy oat, blackberry jam, white pepper and freshly turned earth.

I thought that the wine tasted smooth. It has a lot of flavor and was very good.

Goldfish Tea
3. Goldfish Tea- I am excited to share Goldfish Tea with you for two reasons: it is delicious and it is a local company. Goldfish Tea is located in Royal Oak, MI. I have not made it out to the actual location yet but look forward to going there sometime as I've had a couple friends tell me it is neat and that I would really enjoy it.

I was sent three different teas to sample: osmanthus oolong, honey phoenix oolong and first love black tea. I have been a big fan of oolong tea since I started drinking it at Chinese restaurants many years ago. I have always been a huge fan of tea but Troy is a new tea drinker. He loves different black teas and enjoyed the first love tea.

I like the honey phoenix oolong which has a lot of flavor. These are high quality teas. If you do not live in Michigan (or even if you do), you can purchase these teas online. They are looseleaf and imported from China.

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