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Sail East Couture Moccasins Review

Sail East Couture moccasins
I am so excited to bring you this review from Sail East Couture. Sail East Couture sells baby moccasins and other trendy apparel. For Adalyn, I chose these amazing pair of Snap Crackle Monogram moccasins to review.

Sail East Couture moccasins
When they came in the mail, they took my breath away. I think that they are so freaking adorable! The silver with the light pink thread looks great. These moccasins are $40 which are a bit high for baby shoes but these are great quality and they would make the perfect baby shower gift.

Sail East Couture moccasins

Also, they have "walker" soles available for babies who are walking. They are a thicker and rougher sole. This is a great idea for babies who are walking.

Sail East Couture moccasins
These are a bit big on Adalyn right now but will fit soon. I swear, I am going to put her in these every chance I get!

Sail East Couture moccasins
Also, these are genuine leather. If you did not get a pair that were monogrammed, you could probably use them for your next child too since they are good quality.

Sail East Couture moccasins
We love these moccasins and would definitely recommend Sail East Couture.

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  1. So pretty! And the shoes are adorable, too! :-)


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