February 10, 2015

Our Baby Must-Haves List

When I was pregnant with Adalyn, I did tons and tons of research on different baby products. I tried to find ones that were highly rated, a decent price and something that would be useful to our family. A lot of people ask me which baby products I recommend so I wanted to share them with you in case any of you are moms-to-be. This post took me forever to write (hours and hours) but I think it is worth it to share!

Here are our baby must have items:

HALO SleepSack Swaddle
-HALO Swaddles- We use these every night to keep baby's arms swaddled in since babies get startled by their own reflexes. It is my #1 baby product. We had 4 in the newborn size and 3 in size small which we use to this day. I like the Halo sleepsacks as well for during the day.

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-Wubbanub Pacifiers- a pacifier/stuffed animal combo. Adalyn loves these and we do not leave the room without one, ever! They tuck into the swaddle nicely at night too. We have 3 of them. They are the only pacifier that she likes.

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Fisher-Price Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper
-Fisher Price Automatic Rock ‘N Play Sleeper- A great product that rocks on its own without you having to rock it, baby can sleep here for a few months too if you don’t want to put them right in the crib. We didn't get this till Adalyn was 1 1/2 months old but now use it daily. She takes almost all of her naps in here. When we can't get her to nap, the Rock 'N Play often can!

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-Medela In-Style Pump, Bottles, and Accessories- We breastfeed and since I am back to work, I pump. I love the In-Style pump from Medela as well as the bottles that come with it. These are the only bottles we have given Adalyn.

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-Baby carrier- I love the Boba carrier best followed by the Solly Baby wrap.

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I love to wear Adalyn on walks and sometimes around the house. In the way beginning, we did like the Baby Bjorn but I wouldn't really recommend this as it is not comfortable once baby is about 12 lbs (to me at least).

-Angelcare Video Monitor- We use this at night and love it! We can take a peek at Adalyn and not disturb her by going in her room.

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-Graco FastAction Jogger Travel System- I love my stroller/car seat combo! The click connect feature is amazing because you can put the seat in your stroller or car with one simple click.

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-Lansinoh nursing pads, lanolin and milk storage bags- I freeze milk in these for Adalyn. In the beginning of breastfeeding, I love these nursing pads and lanolin. FYI resuable nursing pads did not work well for me.

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-Evenflo Exersaucer Door Jumper- The best $20 I spent! It is so simple to install and Adalyn cracks up when she is in this.

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-Fisher Price Bouncer- Adalyn sits in this while we eat for almost every meal. She likes the music and vibrating feature on it.

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-Bumbo- My mom bought this for Adalyn on a local Mom's group swap site and it is awesome. Baby can sit up in this before they can sit up on their own.
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-Favorite bra for nursing- Handful bras- This is not actually a nursing bra but I prefer it to any of the nursing bras I have. Washes well and holds up to lots of use.

-Activity play gym- Really nice to keep baby occupied starting at about 2 months. Adalyn uses this daily at 4 1/2 months. I definitely recommend investing in one of these.

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Items we use a lot of but have no brand preferences:
-Lots of burp cloths- for spit up or any other messes

-Diapers and wipes- we use a variety of brands

-Nail clippers- I can't believe how quick baby's nails grow

-Infant tub- I got one of these from a garage sale and we used it in the beginning but now, I just take Adalyn in the bath with me.

-Pack N Play- We bought a simple, inexpensive one from Evenflo and are very happy with it.

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-Baby swing- I bought one for $10 off of a Mom's group. I don't think you need a super fancy one, especially since many babies don't like theirs.

-Rocking chair

Items we love but are not 100% needed:

-Little Giraffe blanket- I won one of these blankets from a giveaway and it is our #1 favorite blanket. It is stretchy and thick and is perfect for swaddling.
-Luna Lullaby Blanket- This blanket is so soft and looks great too.

-Dria nursing cover and Balboa Baby nursing cover- Both awesome for covering up in public or if you have guests over.

-Whisper diaper pail- We put Adalyn's diapers in this. I hear that a regular trash can works as well.
-Tiny Love Tummy Time Mat- Adalyn uses this daily for tummy time.

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Wristy Buddy
-Wristy Buddy- We just started using this simple toy that is awesome for babies who can't hold their toys yet.
-Sweetness in Smyrna knit hats- We have gotten SO MUCH use out of these adorable hats!
-Tadpoles organic onesies- Super soft and since they are fairly plain get worn all the time.

-Robeez baby shoes- Aww, I love these shoes! They stay on Adalyn's feet all day which are the only pair that do that.

-Zutano baby pajamas- These little jammies were one of my favorite outfits Adalyn wore when she was a newborn.
-Electrik Kidz Mermaid Outfit- Such great quality and so cute!

What We Didn't Use:
-Wipe warmer- Didn't see the point
-Feeding pillows- We had a couple of these but I didn't really end up using them. I didn't see the need. I felt fine holding Adalyn myself.
-Bumpers- not recommended any longer

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. These are truly my favorite products for baby and what I recommend to people.

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