February 28, 2015

Simply French Market Review

Simply French Market Family Tree Pillow
I love Etsy. There are so many unique products on there that you cannot find anywhere else. My favorite are the customized items that are so perfect for your family that you just can't stop looking at them. I recently found an Etsy shop called Simply French Market.

They sell different family tree items and more. Items include pillows, table runners, prints, shower curtains and more. For my review, I chose a pillow with my family tree information on it. I was not sure exactly how a family tree was supposed to be written and had fun learning and putting together my family's information.

Simply French Market Family Tree Pillow
I LOVE how this pillow turned out. It makes a great conversation piece and looks great on our couch. I stuck with our grandparent's all the way through baby Adalyn for the pillow. We love it!

Family tree pillows from Simply French Market retail for $45.00. Considering that this is a completely customized piece, this is a decent price! The pillow is nice quality too. A big thanks to Terri for working with me on this family tree pillow. I am a huge fan of the prints as well and would consider buying one of these for a gift for family.

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  1. What an absolutely beautiful and very heartfelt pillow! I must agree, handcrafted is the way to go and personalized products hold a special place in your heart because they work to show thoughtfulness that someone took the time to make something special just for you or in your case show history, as your family pillow does :)


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