February 27, 2015

Adalyn 5 Month Update

 So many new and excited changes this month for baby Adalyn! It has been a rough month for sleep but an awesome month for smiles and laughter.

Clothing size: 3 month and 6 month clothing (some)

Diapers: size 1, about time to move up to size 2

Weight: Weighed at home with clothes on but dry diaper- 13.8 lbs- so probably 13.4

Feedings: We started solids!! So exciting. I have a big post coming up on this topic next week. So far, we have only done carrots but I already made up green beans and sweet potatoes to start soon. I hope to make almost all of our baby food since it is healthier, cheaper and fun for me. Adalyn started to grab for our food and was sleeping very poorly at night so we thought that maybe she needed more food. We started food at just under 5 months old. I plan to do all vegetables for awhile and then move on to fruits. We are skipping cereals for now but may do some oatmeal eventually. (My parents and sister came over for Adalyn's first meal. Adalyn kept staring at my dad so I had him feed her!).

Adalyn is doing very well with eating carrots and opens her mouth when she sees the spoon coming toward her and only spits some of it out. It is a blast so far feeding her. We are mostly just doing 1 meal per day at dinnertime when we eat our dinner.

She is still breastfed and eats 6-7 times per day. This month, she has been eating between 1-2 times per night (mostly 1). She eats 5-6 oz of pumped milk twice while I am at work and nurses about 4-5 other times during the day/night.

New in the last week- after her final feeding of the day right before bed, we give her 2-3 oz more of pumped milk in a bottle to help fill up her little tummy for the night. This seems to be working very well!!! I was super exhausted because sleep was so bad for a couple of weeks so I knew that something needed to change.

Health: Thank god, no sickness yet!! Adalyn is still on Zantac 1 ml twice a day which is helping her reflux a ton.

Sleep: Sleep time changed again per Adalyn. She now goes to bed about 7-7:15 each night. It is very nice for Troy and I to have time to spend together just the two of us every night- so important for a marriage. It takes her awhile to fall asleep still but this past week, has gotten a lot quicker- will see if that stays this way.

We do not rock her before bed but stick to our routine of diaper change, medicine, swaddle, breastfeed, 2-3 oz from bottle feed, Wubbanub pacifier and bed. Sometimes, it takes a long time to fall asleep with a lot of crying which we will then go back in and comfort her at different times but sometimes she doesn't need it.

That 4 month sleep regression- woah baby! Not cool! This month has been very rough for sleep with Adalyn getting up 1-3 times per night. I feed her 1-2 times per night but first try to put the pacifier back in and see if she will fall asleep.

As for naps, we have finally gotten into a better routine. Adalyn takes 3 naps per day at around 30 minutes to an hour each. They are about 10 AM, 1 PM and 4 PM. We are still doing the eat, play, sleep cycle. We wrap her in a blanket or swaddle and put her in the Rock 'N Play or crib. We are able to read the signs of sleepiness a lot better and know when it is time for a nap- even if she doesn't agree.

New Favorite baby gear:
-Continued favorites- Wubbanub, Halo swaddles, activity mat, Bumbo seat, Evenflo jumper, Boba carrier

-New favorite: Evenflo high chair- The pattern is so me with the fruits and vegetables!! We love it.

-Soft taggie book- This look book is so entertaining to Adalyn. It can stop crying so quick.

-Continues to smile and laugh like crazy. Standing really well with limited support. Grabbing everything- including my hair, plate of food, coffee cup, everything haha. Continues to roll over from stomach to back. Loves looking in the mirror at herself. Can hold herself up for tummy time for about 30 minutes. Talking so much. Loves her hands.

-Pets the dogs (my favorite!!)! Jaxen licks Adalyn's face. Ava tolerates her and Adalyn loves to pet Ava.

-On Valentine's Day, 6 days shy of 5 months, Adalyn had her first food, carrots!

-Loves touching faces- she loves touching my Busia's face which is very cute and funny.

-On Adalyn's 5 month birthday, she really discovered her feet which are now the best toy and most interesting thing she has ever seen.

-Loves kicking everything.

-During tummy time, she loves to "superman" where she is only touching the ground with her stomach. Lots of kicking around too.

-Can grab her Wubbanub and put it back in her mouth.

-Can sit up with assistance.

-Loves being up in the air, bouncing, standing, dancing, tickling, her dad and all things fun.

This month has been a blast!! I love my baby girl so much and am so proud to be her mom.

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  1. Love how much you guys care for that sweet baby but ALSO care about spending time with JUST the two of you!!! So important!!! :)


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