March 22, 2015

New Foods of 2015 Part 6 Review

Angelino's Coffee
1. Angelino's Coffee- I was sent a sample pack of k-cups to try from Angelino's coffee. I love variety with my food and beverages and was excited to try all of these different flavors. These come an a variety of flavors including French vanilla, hazelnut creme, caramel creme, French roast, donut shop blend and more. My favorite was definitely the maple glaze flavor. The coffee was nice an strong and I loved the mild maple taste of the coffee. My husband takes a mug of coffee to work every morning and really enjoyed the donut shop blend.

You can buy these in a variety pack which is awesome if you like to try a bunch of different kinds. Per cup, these start at $0.39 each- very affordable for k-cups.

Sweet Earth Burritos
2. Sweet Earth Burritos and Veggie Burgers- If you are looking for quick meals to eat on the go, I have some awesome burritos for you! They are not your typical flavors either. These come in unique flavors such as Greek with white beans, feta and spinach. The Peruvian with black beans, red quinoa, sweet potato, goat cheese, roasted corn and spirulina. They also have The Curry Tiger, Kyoto, Anasazi and more. I was so excited to try these.

For dinner one night, Troy and I split the Peruvian, Greek and Santa Cruz burritos. We loved them all! Troy's favorite was the Santa Cruz and I liked the Peruvian. The flavors of these are unique and I would definitely recreate these burritos myself at home.They are full of healthy plant based proteins which will help keep you full. Loved these burritos!

Sweet Earth Veggie Burgers
We were also sent some Sweet Earch veggie burgers. These come in different flavors including Teriyaki, Santa Fe and Za'atar. I love that they don't stick to your common flavors! These have 17 grams of protein 5-6 g fiber and are full of healthy ingredients such as black beans, green chilies, flax, sweet potatoes, quinoa and brown rice. They are all delicious. These make for a great dinner. Top with your favorite toppings and eat up!

Choice Organic Teas
3. Choice Organic Teas- I love tea and like trying all different flavors. I was sent a variety of teas to try from Choice Organic Tea. My favorite was the chamomile spearmint which I have been drinking on the ride to work and in the evening while Troy and I watch our shows. This tea is refreshing and tastes great. The ginger flavor is a lot more mild than I expected compared to other teas but was still good. I like the decaffeinated English breakfast tea with a bit of milk and sugar. Finally, the Masala chai is a very flavorful option that we enjoyed.

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