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Pearl Izumi Review + Champions Team

Pearl Izumi E:Motion road shoe
Pearl Izumi is a company that sells performance apparel and shoes for riding, running and triathalons. For 2015, Pearl Izumi launched a new ambassador program called the Run365 Champion ambassador team. They looked for people who would inspire everyone who runs. They chose 250 people from 36 states and Puerto Rico. They even have a couple from my state in the Kalamazoo area where I went to college!
Pearl Izumi E:Motion road shoe
They have people who only run a few miles per week to the ultrarunner who does very long races. They want to show that you can run any time, in any weather, 365 days per year! Very cool! They are helping to host fun runs, demos and represent Pearl Izumi while running. 
Pearl Izumi E:Motion road shoe
I am now on my third pair of Pearl Izumi shoes. I am a big fan of the brand but do prefer to wear their shoes for workouts other than running. I wear them often on walks, weight lifting, etc. I prefer shoes with more support for running because I tend to get injured easily. For shorter runs though, I do like these.
Pearl Izumi E:Motion road shoe
For my review, I was sent the women's Pearl Izumi E:Motion road shoe. These come in the gorgeous aqua color that I was sent and a purple and pink color. Pearl Izumi shoes run a little bit small so I order mine in 1/2 size up from my usual size. 
Pearl Izumi E:Motion road shoe
This shoe is a best seller for Pearl Izumi. The shoe has forefoot flexibility, enhanced heel cushioning and improved traction. The shoes feel nice and light on my feet. I have been wearing these and love how they feel on my feet. I think that they are especially a great shoe for summer when it is hot and you just want to wear something light. 
Pearl Izumi E:Motion road shoe
The shoes offer a transfer dry spacer mesh that helps to keep your feet cool and dry. Runners who need neutral shoes or supinators can wear these. These shoes retail for $120. I am very happy with them and know that they will get a ton of use this spring and summer as I am so excited and looking forward to exercising outside in the nice weather.
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