April 22, 2015

Baby Feeding Giveaway

Adalyn is a crazy eating machine now! We started her on solids one week prior to her turning 5 months old. She is now 6 1/2 months and can eat about 4 oz of food at a time and loves to eat. She is always grabbing for food and gets upset if she does not have something to eat. She is very much like her mom ; ). 

Here are some products that we were recently sent to try out for baby feeding:
B.Box Baby Feeding Items
1. B.Box- We were sent a snack pack and sippy cup from B.Box. These products are BPA free. The snack pack is for 6 months+ and the sippy cup is 9 months+. The sippy cup is for home or on the go. The cup can be used at any angle due to the weighted straw. It has easy-grip handles and a flip-top lid. 

B.Box Baby Feeding Items
We are not quite there with the snack pack but I know that very soon, we will be. Adalyn LOVES to eat so much so I know we will use this for when we leave the house. It has 2 different compartments that seal separately to serve different foods. It would be good if you used it for something dry like cereal and then something moist like strawberries which you would want to keep separate. There is a spoon that is easily stored in the lid.

Silikids Silicone Sippy Cups and Tops
2. Silikids- I recently saw these sippy tops on another website and thought that they looked awesome. It is a silicone lid that goes right over a cup to make it a sippy cup. This would be especially great to travel with if you needed baby to use a regular cup. The cup will come in handy once she starts drinking through a sippy cup more. These products are made of silicone and are safe.

We have a Silibib already from this company and I love it for feeding a messy baby. I never knew how messy a little baby could get but this bib is amazing to just be able to rinse off after a meal and to keep Adalyn's clothes clean.

Something I love about the company that I did not know is that it is Traverse City based! I love using and supporting Michigan products.

3. NurturMe- For the most part, I am making Adalyn's food homemade and right now, it is almost all fruits and vegetables. We are giving her some cereal though because it contains iron which breastfed babies over 6 month may need. What I was sent is the quinoa and quinoa and apple cereals. We have given Adalyn the quinoa cereal and she likes it. Quinoa is gluten-free, contains protein and other nutrients. This cereal is organic which is good to avoid pesticides and other chemicals for babies.

These are dried baby foods which we have not tried yet but would awesome to take on a trip where you cannot refrigerate your baby's food. They are also organic and come in varieties such as a squash, bananas and kale. You just have to add breast milk, formula or water. I will take this out for on the go which will be great to feed baby.

The giveaway will be for a variety of NurturMe products (including cereals, re-usable pouch, spoon, toddler snacks and more!)and a Silikids Silibib.
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  1. I love the Silibib bibs! Easy to clean and catch everything!


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